Confirmation Prep Information

Welcome to the  official Sacred Hearts Confirmation Prep Page! Before we begin, please view the reminders of what is new for the 2018-2019 year!


What's New?

  • 9th grade is the new confirmation year
  • 8th and 9th grade are considered as "confirmation prep years"
  • Classes are done in small groups in homes
  • Classes are done in waves, to make room for parent/sponsor participation
  • Adult participation, service hours, and an overnight retreat are required for your child to receive Confirmation.
  • Click Here for the full detailed packet 

Summary of Formation Hours (8th & 9th grade)

  • 18 Total Classes (Hour and a half long)
  • 5 Service Hours by Student
  • 3 Events by Parents
  • 2 Sponsor Interviews by Student & Sponsor
  • 1 Student/Parent Confirmation Class
  • 1 Retreat by Student


Great! Now that we have that settled, check out all the information below for everything you need to make this year amazing! 


1) Classes--Click the link for a quick look at the schedule for the 2018-2019 year

2) Events--For both 8th and 9th grade year of faith formation here at Sacred Hearts, parents need to seek out 3 engaging Catholic events per year. Click on the link to see all exceptions, and a list of all approved events (will be updated throughout the year!). Don't forget to fill out your accountability forms (found in your folders and also in this link) and turn it into the Christian Formation Office as you complete them! 

3) Sponsor/Student Media Interviews--For both 8th and 9th grade year, students and sponsors need to discuss 2 forms of Catholic media per year. Click on the link for details and to view the accountaiblity form, and see below for approved media outlets NOTE: These are best to viewed together in person, but can be done remotely if sponsor is not local:

  • NEW!  Dynamic Catholic's Decision Point
    • There are 12 "sessions" to choose from in this series of videos. Have your child pick a session they would like to watch! Each "session" is broken down into about 6 videos. Please have your child and sponsor watch the entire "session" of 6 (or so) videos, and have your child "interview" their sponsor with their accountaiblity sheet that can be found in your folder or the link above. 
    • NOTE: (Is your child's sponsor far away, no worries! This can be done over the phone! And if your child isn't ready to pick a sponsor? No worries! A parent can step in to do this!)]
  • (parish code M2CXF6)
    • ​Plenty of videos and dynamic series are found at this "Catholic NetFlix"! Contact Brad if you would like a good suggestion for your student!
  • Steubenville Youth Conference Speakers on YouTube
    • Amazing Catholic content fit for high schoolers! Have your student pick any video that looks interesting and engaging. Reach out to Brad if you'd like a suggestion! (Some of my favorite speakers are Father Mike, Father Leo, Paul J. Kim, Sister Miriam, Sarah Swafford, and Matt Fradd...just to name a few!)

4) Parent/Student Class--For both 8th and 9th grade year of faith formation at Sacred Hearts, parents need to seek out 1 parent/student class about confirmation. There are 2 offered during the year: November 14th & February 27th. 7:00-8:30pm held in the Sacred Hearts Church Gathering Room

5) Retreat--Only 9th grade is required to seek out an overnight retreat in order to be confirmed in the Diocese of Madison (8th grade is encouraged to seek out a day long one!) Retreat dates are set to be at Camp Gray January 12th-13th, 2019 OR April 5th-7th, 2019. $100. 

6) Service Hours--Only 5 hours are required each year for 8th and 9th grade faith formation! Click here for ideas and form.  Email Lisa Johnson for more ideas at

7) Other Important Forms--Click Here for the "Confirmation Saint Name" sheet and Click Here for the "Confirmation Sponsor" form.