Liturgical Music Ministries

Another very important aspect of parish life is our liturgical music program. At Sacred Hearts Parish, we pride ourselves on choosing and performing a variety of liturgical music pieces which reflect both traditional and contemporary genres. Liturgical music expresses in song the theology of the Church.

Here at Sacred Hearts, we have a variety of liturgical music opportunities for you to become involved in:

  • Directs singing of the assembly
  • Sings some music (e.g., pslam verses) alone
  • Assists assembly in learning new music
  • Should have a pleasant singing voice, be able to learn and sing music accurately

Choir Member (see various choirs)

Sacred Hearts has five choirs: Parish Choir, Folk Choir, Young People's Choir, Resurrection Choir, and a Handbell Choir. Those who wish to join a choir should have reasonably pleasant voices (not as crucial for Handbell Choir members), be able to take direction, be able to attend rehearsals and scheduled liturgies regularly and believe in teamwork!

Parish Choir

  • Sings at 9 a.m. Mass 3-4 times a month and special occasions (Christmas, Holy Week, Confirmation, etc)
  • Repertoire: a variety, including traditional and contemporary; mostly 4-part music
  • Age: Adults and Teens

Folk Choir

  • Sings at Mass about twice a month (11 a.m. or 5 p.m.) and on other special occasions.
  • Repertoire: Mostly music in the contemporary/folk style
  • Age: Adults and youth from 7th grade up

Young People’s Choir

  • Sings at 9 a.m. Mass about once a month, and on other special occasions
  • Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary; goal is to teach young people various types of the church's music, to teach them to work as a musical group, and to train them for leadership roles in parish music ministry
  • Age: Students from 3rd grade up

Resurrection Choir

  • Sings at parish funerals. Rehearsals take place as needed
  • Members must be available during the day, when most funerals take place

Handbell Choir

  • Plays at Mass one or two weekends per month (Mass times vary), and on other special occasions (including Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day Mass at parish cemetery)
  • Potential members must be able to read music and should be able to attend rehearsals and Masses regularly. (This is particularly important in a Handbell group, since each member is responsible for playing certain bells.)


If you play an instrument (trumpet, flute, drums, etc.) to the extent that you have moderate performance ability, please let us know – we may have music for you to play!

If you are an accomplished pianist or organist, we would be happy to include you in our schedule of accompanists to play for Masses and other events.

Liturgy & Music

Of central importance in our worship of the Triune God is the liturgy. Through the Liturgy, we are united as the Body of Christ and, together as faith believers, we manifest the presence of Christ in what we do. We are all called to active participation in the Liturgy - through what we hear, what we say, what we sing and what we believe! Did you know that the word Liturgy encompasses more than just the Mass? "Liturgy" can also mean some of the following things:

  • Praying the Liturgy of the Hours
  • The 7 Sacraments
  • Rites of the Eucharist Outside Mass (like Benediction)
  • Viaticum (communion given to one preparing for death)
  • The Rite of Christian Burial
  • Religious Professions
  • Prayers in the Book of Blessings

Our parish can only be as active and vibrant as its members make it. Members of the community of believers are called upon to share their time and talents for the good of all. If you can be of service in one of these areas or would like more information, please contact the Liturgy Office, (608) 837-2488.