Luke House

Date/Time/Number of Hours: 1st Tuesday of each month/2-3 hours including driving time How Many People Total: 12 onsite, 30+ to prepare/donate food

Prior Knowledge Needed: None, you can just show up. If donating food, make sure to check the specifics of the item you are donating (there is a specific casserole recipe, for example)

Description: This is a great opportunity to donate, create, or serve food for the needy. If serving, make sure you get to 310 South Ingersoll Street , Madison, by 5:15 PM on Tuesday. There may be a line outside, but as a helper you can come right inside. Clean-up should be done by 7:30 PM. If supplying food, make sure it is to the Parish Center by noon on the first Tuesday of the month. Sacred Hearts supplies the exact same types of food for their night of service each month and Luke House staff is on hand to help us. 

How do I sign up? Sign-up at on the bulletin board at the back of church or contact Kitty Anderson at 608-837-4929 or Peggy Afable at 608-235-1529.  You can also call the Parish Office at 608-837-7381.